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Due Cuori, Una Cappella
  • Composed by Stelvio Cipriani
  • Quartet Records / 2012 / 73:18 (score 35:15)

An Italian comedy from 1975, director Maurizio Luicidi’s Due Cuori, Una Cappella (“two hearts, one chapel”) didn’t fare particularly well at the box office, but there is still a life in 2012 for this relatively obscure film thanks to the new release of its soundtrack on Quartet Records.  The score was composed by Stelvio Cipriani, a prolific composer who rarely gets the attention of some of his compatriots; hopefully this release will serve as an introduction to his music for some people.  His breezily romantic music for this film has incredible charm makes a very easy-listening, rewarding little album.

It’s essentially a monothematic score, but fortunately the theme is a good one.  It’s the kind of lounge jazz that will forever be associated with European films of the era (the kind that’s heard frequently in Curb Your Enthusiasm!) and Cipriani sends it through countless variations over the course of the album – sunny strings, guitars, a rhythm section and occasional trumpet solos create a lovely, summery atmosphere.  If you don’t like the theme then you’re in a bit of trouble, but it’s the type of music that’s hard to dislike.  The composer diverts from his main theme once, for the wonderful “Victor’s Tango” – even this isn’t a great stretch away, but it’s equally enjoyable.  The 35-minute programme of the original album makes for a really lovely listen – the wisdom of adding 40 minutes of alternative versions of cues eludes me, but of course it’s easy to press stop before that parts (fortunately the integrity of the original album is maintained before the bonus section – the best possible way of doing these expansions).  Worth taking a chance on this one.  *** |

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