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Last Resort
  • Composed by Robert Duncan
  • Madison Gate Records / 2013 / 41m

A generally well-reviewed but short-lived tv series from 2012, Last Resort is about a US submarine crew who refuse an order to launch a nuclear strike on Pakistan and end up entrenched on a remote Indian Ocean island, declared enemies of their own country for refusing orders.  The score was by Canadian composer Robert Duncan and has now been released as an iTunes-exclusive, a few months after the final episode aired.  It’s hugely entertaining stuff, at times reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s older action style before he went more serious.  The opening “Fall of the Colorado” is wonderful, highlighted by a beautiful cello solo full of passion; the action-packed “Pilot Suite” (with HORN OF DOOM) is energetic; then “Officer on Deck” introduces a wonderful Crimson Tide-style heroic anthem theme.

The score continues in this vein throughout the album, which speeds along at high pace, generally focusing on action (which is all done well) but often also seeing surprisingly touching moments interspersed.  “The Peacock and the Crane” for instance is a delicate, delicious piece; “The Waterfall” shimmers with exotic beauty.  The Zimmer influence is never far away, really – “James Tells the Story” is a completely different cue, but there’s no doubting the Thin Red Line influence.  “Declaration” is another highlight, big and bold and powerful and stirring.  While it might not be the most original of music, it makes for an excellent listen, the 41 minute running time disappearing before you know it.  It could easily be the score from a big-budget action movie (indeed is better than a lot of those have been recently).  Definitely worth a look!

Rating: *** 1/2 | |

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