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No Strings Attached
  • Composed by John Debney
  • Lakeshore Records / 2011 / 26:44

“Can sex friends be best friends?” ponders the tagline of No Strings Attached.  Clearly, this is a film of huge significance and importance.  As such, I am exclusively willing to reveal that I am willing to participate in an experiment to find out.  I have asked my representatives to get in touch with Natalie Portman and will share the results of our test in due course.  I only hope I don’t wear her out.  One thing I’m unlikely to wear out is this CD, a very charming but very predictable romantic comedy score from John Debney.

You know the drill: guitar, pizzicato strings, a few quirkier moments, a sweeping finale.  That’s the rule and there’s no breaking it.  These scores are typically very pleasant and this is no exception – hard to find fault with the music, which does its job well.  The quirkier moments actually come in the opening track, which promises something a bit more (whistling is an unusual ingredient to add to the recipe, but sadly Debney doesn’t really explore that style much further).  The rest is fairly standard stuff – a demerit is the very short length of most of the cues (18 of the album’s 21 tracks are shorter than 90 seconds – coincidentally also the length of time I anticipate my first bedroom-based liaison with Ms Portman to last); a positive is that it really is full of charm.  Won’t win any awards, but it’s an entertaining bit of lighter listening.  ***

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  1. Edmund Meinerts (Reply) on Thursday 27 January, 2011 at 16:45

    Loving the not-so-subtle innuendos 😉

    Agree with the rating, this is a completely pleasant but also completely interchangeable score, a typical Debney. Be careful you don’t leave it out on a windy day, it’s so fluffy it will probably be whisked off on the next gust.