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  • shadowsComposed by Ryan Shore
  • moviescore media MMS-09004/ 2009 / 48:44

Ryan Shore’s relatively brief career in film music has set him out as one of the most promising young composers out there.  While he hasn’t quite got his big break with a particularly high-profile film, he’s managed to find various films which have allowed him to show his notably creativity and afforded him the option of working with an orchestra.Several of his scores have been released by the Moviescore Media label, and their attention is understandable.  Shadows is another very impressive one – it’s a Macedonian spiritual thriller, and I can quite honestly say that never in my life have I seen a Macedonian spiritual thriller which was poor.  Shore’s music has several components – there are moments of aching beauty, moments of pure tension, and sometimes the waters all flow together just right and there are really impressive moments which combine the two. 

Many of the score’s highlights occur when the composer utilises the talents of Finnish vocalist Janita, whose voice lends an ethereal air.  It’s top-notch stuff, a spot-on combination of mystery and beauty.  Indeed, one thing which runs all the way through this album is “class” – in the quality of the orchestral writing, the various soloists, the ideas Shore picks up and develops while he goes through.  There are several fine themes – maybe not ones which you’ll be humming afterwards, but it’s nice to see the way they get explored through the course of the album.  This is a very strong score, one which I highly recommend.  Ryan Shore is a composer really on the rise.  ****

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