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  • sicilian_clanComposed by Ennio Morricone
  • CAM CSE 800-142 / 1996 / 31:11

A French production about a bunch of Sicilian mobsters, 1969’s The Sicilian Clan was directed by Henry Verneuil and starred Alain Delon, Jean Gabin and Lino Ventura.  Providing the score – the already-legendary Ennio Morricone.He’s written more than his fair share of iconic themes in his time, and had a few more westerners seen this film then I’m sure The Sicilian Clan would be regarded amongst them.  Electric guitar, jew’s harp, drum kit and orchestra – it could almost be from one of his westerns, but is filled with so much Italian style and swagger, maybe not.  It’s just a wonderful, wonderful theme – pure Morricone magnificence.

The score is understandably dominated by the theme, which is sent through a number of variations (at times we even get whistling to accompany it), but a surprising amount of other material is included on the disc too.  There’s a romantic, jazzy piece of source music which is great (“Snack Bar”); a wonderfully dynamic piece of uber-cool action music (“Tema per le Goff”); a couple of bits of great suspense music; and all this, in a half-hour album.  This CAM CD was released in 1996 and (oddly, given how many Morricone scores have been reissued over and over again) I don’t think it’s seen the light of day since, so may be difficult to get hold of – but if you’re a fan of the composer, keep on trying.  It’s vintage Morricone, sexy and stylish and entertaining and quite, quite brilliant.  *****

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