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Every Day
  • Composed by Jeanine Tesori
  • Lakeshore Records / 2011 / 16:16

A comedy/drama about a couple dealing with the relatively mundane problems of life, Every Day has barely been released in cinemas (a handful of festival appearances in the US over the last 12-18 months) but that hasn’t stopped Lakeshore Records from releasing the soundtrack.  The music is by Jeanine Tesori, occasional film composer but better-known for her work on Broadway (most recently she wrote the music for Shrek the Musical).  It’s really delightful music, a chirpy and tuneful little score so full of charm.  Note the word “little” – this is the probably the shortest soundtrack album I’ve ever come across and also the first one to feature more tracks than there are minutes – 18 tracks, just 16 minutes long.  In truth that’s not really a problem given the nature of the music, but the download album has a standard price, which is a bit surprising.

The music itself – a delight.  The opening title is a breezy piano scherzo, before more typical music for this type of film – guitars, bass, percussion – appears in the second track, called “Smell of Pee”.  Various other styles appear through the brief album, Tesori linking everything together with enough charm to fill an album far longer.  The great thing is, the music doesn’t outstay its welcome – this gentle, often low-key style is very well-suited to a shorter presentation like this (though I doubt any decision regarding album length was made on artistic grounds – this is probably all the music Tesori wrote).  It’s all played by a very small ensemble, but it isn’t all light and fluffy – as the album develops, there is more in the way of “serious” music – but even this is so lovely, it fits in perfectly.  Nothing substantial here, but what is here is full of sweetness and light, which is sometimes exactly what is needed.  ***

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  1. Lasse (Reply) on Saturday 9 July, 2011 at 05:10

    You had me at Pee.