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Terminator: Dark Fate
  • Composed by Tom Holkenborg
  • Paramount / 58m

Long after all other life on earth has been extinguished, I suspect come summertime there will be a new Rambo movie (“definitely the last one” says Stallone) followed a few weeks later by a new Terminator movie (it is already impossible to tell whether Schwarzenegger is still a real person or not, so come a few decades’ time I suspect nobody will be able to tell). The great news for the two already-geriatric action heroes is that there won’t be anyone left to tell them how terrible the movies are. Terminator: Dark Fate seems to have been better-received than the last few entries in the series, but so too generally is news that you’ve contracted a venereal disease.

The music this time is very much worthy of the clap clinic and is provided by Tom Holkenborg. He finally wrote a score I thought wasn’t awful earlier in the year with Alita: Battle Angel (also produced by James Cameron… people wondering who’s going to score the Avatar sequels, prepare yourselves…) and Terminator: Dark Fate actually isn’t entirely awful either. Holkenborg pays appropriate respect to Brad Fiedel’s classic theme and some of its appearances are impressive, especially in the finale. His new Latin theme for the character of Dani is also very nice – and in “My Name Is Dani” when it’s first heard, there’s a very brief moment where the original Terminator theme is blended subtly into it on guitar which I really like. Aside from this, there’s a load of very loud action with Holkenborg’s trademark shit load of drumming – some people like it, I guess. I don’t. But I do like – as in actively like, not just “not hate” – the last three cues here. “For John” in particular is wonderful, with a genuine dramatic sweep to it that does suggest Alita may not have been a fluke. Do the last 13 minutes make the album worth buying? Probably not, but they’re worth streaming.

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