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Postman Pat: The Movie
  • Composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams
  • Lakeshore Records / 2014 / 39m

Popular British kids’ tv character Portman Pat – who is a postman called Pat – gets his first movie adventure in the imaginatively-titled Postman Pat: The Movie.  An important thing to note about Postman Pat is that he has a black and white cat – and almost as important to note is that early in the morning – in fact, just as day is dawning – he picks up all the postbags in his van.  

The Maze Runner
  • Composed by John Paesano
  • Sony Classical / 2014 / 63m

The first in a series of post-Hunger Games novels aimed at “young adults” (a group of people that only seem to exist in the minds of book publicists – most people call them “children”) written by James Dashner, The Maze Runner sees a teenage boy wake up to find himself trapped in the centre of a giant maze along with other teenage boys.  Occasionally a door into the maze opens but nobody who ventures inside ever comes out again.  One day a girl arrives and they all try to escape.  A movie adaptation of the sequel, The Scorch Trials, is already in pre-production.

  • Composed by Maurice Jarre
  • Varèse Sarabande CD Club / 2012 / 37m

The second of James Clavell’s “Asian saga” of novels, Tai-Pan reached the big screen in 1986, twenty years after the novel had been published.  Set in Hong Kong in the aftermath of the First Opium War between Britain and China in the mid-19th century, the film focuses on the rivalry between the heads of two large trading companies, each seeking to be number one.  Filmed (with great political difficulty and necessitating much censorship) in China, it was an ambitious, large-scale production overseen by Raffaella de Laurentiis and directed by the Canadian Daryl Duke; but when it was finally released the film was met with almost universal critical disdain and proved to be a box office disaster.

Her Alibi
  • Composed by Georges Delerue
  • Intrada / 2014 / 79m (score 48m)

A comic romance from 1989, Her Alibi stars Tom Selleck as a crime novelist hanging around a courthouse in the search for story ideas when he meets a Romanian woman accused of murdering her husband with a pair of scissors.  Naturally enough, he poses as a priest, provides her with an alibi and gets her to come and live with him.  

The Equalizer
  • Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams
  • Varèse Sarabande / 2014 / 52m

A remake of the popular 1980s tv series starring Edward Woodward, The Equalizer‘s filmmakers searched high and low in the hunt for an actor with a great physical resemblance to the late British star, eventually meeting great fortune when a casting agency sent them the details of Denzel Washington, who is barely distinguishable from Woodward (I have never seen them in the same room, which makes me wonder).  

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Composed by Carlos Rafael Rivera Varèse Sarabande / 2014 / 30m Written and directed by Scott Frank,  A Walk Among the Tombstones is an action thriller starring Liam Neeson as a private investigator investigating a woman’s kidnap and murder, hired by her husband (who happens to be a drug lord).  

Dolphin Tale 2

Composed by Rachel Portman Lakeshore Records / 2014 / 49m A successful family drama from 2011, Dolphin Tale was, according to Wikipedia, it was “inspired by the true story of Winter, a bottlenose dolphin that was rescued in December 2005 off the Florida coast and taken in by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium” – given that its plot concerns Winter, […]

The November Man

Composed by Marco Beltrami Varèse Sarabande / 2014 / 61m Starring Pierce Brosnan as a retired CIA hitman (brought back for one last mission), former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and directed by veteran action helmer Roger Donaldson, The November Man would seem like a nice way of filling the long gap in between Bond films but has met with […]


Composed by John Debney La-La Land Records / 2014 / 115m An ambitious 2007 video game, Lair was released to great anticipation and with great hype only to become a great critical and commercial failure.  Sony used the game to pioneer its “remote play” capabilities, with the player able to play on the PlayStation Portable as well as […]

Wicked Blood

Composed by Elia Cmiral Varèse Sarabande / 2014 / 39m A direct-to-video thriller directed by Mark Young, Wicked Blood sees two sisters trapped in their family’s life of crime; then one of them falls in love with a man at war with the head of their family.  All cheery stuff.  

Maps to the Stars

Composed by Howard Shore Howe Records / 2014 / 39m A Hollywood satire written by Bruce Wagner and directed by David Cronenberg, Maps to the Stars has appeared at a few festivals and has had a limited release in a small number of countries, where it has received generally mixed reviews but with good notices for its […]

Lock Up

Composed by Bill Conti Varèse Sarabande / 2014 / 57m Sylvester Stallone stars in Lock Up as a model prisoner nearing release who is unexpectedly transferred to a maximum security prison and singled out for harsh treatment by the sadistic governor Donald Sutherland.  

Ballet Boys

Composed by Henrik Skram MovieScore Media / 2014 / 25m A documentary directed by Kenneth Elvebakk, Ballet Boys follows three graduates of the Norwegian Ballet Academy as they decide whether to pursue their dreams of professional ballet or not.  

The Damned

Composed by Frederik Wiedmann Lakeshore Records / 2014 / 46m An American family in Colombia have a car accident and are stranded in a remote inn.  They discover a girl has been trapped in the basement, and so they rescue her.  This proves to be a mistake, because she is an ancient evil.  Whoops!  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Composed by Brian Tyler Atlantic Records / 2014 / 73m After the three live-action films of the early 1990s and the CGI 2007 continuation, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a cinematic reboot in 2014 courtesy of producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman.  Megan Fox stars, with support from Will Arnett, and the film has been […]