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The Damned
  • Composed by Frederik Wiedmann
  • Lakeshore Records / 2014 / 46m

An American family in Colombia have a car accident and are stranded in a remote inn.  They discover a girl has been trapped in the basement, and so they rescue her.  This proves to be a mistake, because she is an ancient evil.  Whoops!  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Composed by Brian Tyler
  • Atlantic Records / 2014 / 73m

After the three live-action films of the early 1990s and the CGI 2007 continuation, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a cinematic reboot in 2014 courtesy of producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman.  Megan Fox stars, with support from Will Arnett, and the film has been an unqualified success at the box office in its opening weekend; a sequel is expected in a couple of years.

The Expendables 3
  • Composed by Brian Tyler
  • La-La Land Records (USA) / Silva Screen (Europe) / 2014 / 60m

Sylvester Stallone and chums are back for a third trip to the Expendables well.  The nostalgia-fuelled success of this vehicle for ageing action stars shows no sign of letting up; along with the big man himself, returning from the previous ones are Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren  and Arnold Schwarzenegger and joining the fun are Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and the action hero to end all action heroes, Kelsey Grammer, whose perfectly-timed quips can kill a man from a hundred paces.

The Giver
  • Composed by Marco Beltrami
  • Sony Classical / 2014 / 49m

Based on the popular novel for teenagers by Lois Lowry, The Giver focuses on a young man who, after being appointed the “receiver of memories” finds out he must escape from his apparently idyllic existence, where all is not as it seems.  The film’s got an impressive cast and crew – it’s directed by Phillip Noyce and features Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep in the main roles for grown-ups.  

All Good Things
  • Composed by Rob Simonsen
  • Caldera Records / 2014 / 54m

Based on the real-life story of Robert Durst, director Andrew Jarecki’s All Good Things tells his chilling tale.  Durst’s wife disappeared in 1982 and he was strongly suspected of having killed her, but it was never proved; in 2000, after police had reopened the investigation, the woman’s friend who was believed to be about to reveal what she knew about the murder was herself killed.  Four years later Durst admitted killing his neighbour and dismembering his body with a knife, an axe and two saws but was acquitted of murder.  He would serve just one year in jail before being released on parole.

Into the Storm

Composed by Brian Tyler Varèse Sarabande / 2014 / 48m Into the Storm chronicles a day in the life of Silverton, an unremarkable town – but a remarkable day, as it is beset by an unprecedented assault by tornadoes.  Some people run away, others run towards them – stormchasers seeking (for them) the ultimate high.  Results are, […]

The Lion King

Composed by Hans Zimmer Songs by Elton John and Tim Rice Walt Disney Records / 2014 / 121m The extraordinary Disney revival of the early 1990s after a long time in the doldrums was fuelled by Alan Menken’s music to such an extent that it was quite a shock when the musical team behind The Lion King was announced […]

Red Sky

Composed by Timothy Williams Lakeshore Records / 2014 / 26m Directed by Mario Van Peebles, the cultural landmark Red Sky stars Cam Gigandet as a disgraced pilot called Butch Masters who finds himself lost in the desert after flying a secret mission over Iran with the aim of blowing up a weapon intended to be used by Kurdish […]


Composed by Eric Serra Back Lot Music / 2014 / 63m It seems quite a while since there’s been a major high-profile movie directed by Luc Besson – he’s been involved in several such films as writer or producer but most of the movies he has directed since the turn of the century have slipped under […]

The Peacemaker

Composed by Hans Zimmer La-La Land Records / 2014 / 152m (score 93m) After Dreamworks SKG was launched to great fanfare, its first movie release was an escapist action thriller, 1997′s The Peacemaker, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman trying to save the world from some rogue Russian army officers who steal some nuclear bombs.  Director Mimi Leder made […]

The Dead

Composed by Alex North Varèse Sarabande / 1987 / 44m The final story in James Joyce’s Dubliners, The Dead follows a group of Irish people who gather from all over the country in a big house at the turn of the 20th century, concerned with small matters such as life and death.  It was the […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Composed by Tyler Bates Hollywood Records / 2014 / 65m I did wonder if the extraordinary run of success for the Marvel series of films might just end with this one, that the rather obscure Guardians of the Galaxy might be a step too far – a raccoon and a walking, talking tree amongst the gang of […]


Composed by Fernando Velázquez Sony Classical / 2014 / 65m As a younger man I got very excited about upcoming movies, gathering all the information about them I could, reading endless publicity fluff interviews with the filmmakers, watching trailers… until one day I realised it was all a bit of a waste of time.  Especially the trailers. […]

Bite the Bullet

Composed by Alex North Prometheus / 1999 / 60m One of the last great traditional westerns, Richard Brooks’s Bite the Bullet (starring Gene Hackman, James Coburn and Candice Bergen) was certainly not seen as great at the time of its release, with most audiences being turned off by that very thing, its traditional nature – after The […]

Viva Zapata!

Composed by Alex North Varèse Sarabande CD Club / 2008 / 72m Film music changed in 1951.  Not in some superficial way – the whole game changed.  A new set of rules was introduced.  That set of rules was written by Alex North.  There was more than one way to skin a cat, he showed.  His four […]