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White Lion
  • Composed by Philip Miller
  • MovieScore Media / 2011 / 39:03

A film which is bound to invite comparisons with Born Free, White Lion is a film about the perils faced by a lion cub as he has to try to survive having been rejected by his pack.  The score is by South African composer Philip Miller and presents, I believe, the first opportunity for many around the world to gain exposure to his music.  The music is so delightful, I’m sure it will leave many hoping for further opportunities to hear from this composer in future.  Orchestral and melodic, the music actually doesn’t venture towards the delightful classicism of George Fenton’s nature documentary music, having more in common with the romantic scores of those late, great masters John Barry and Maurice Jarre.  Particularly in “Gisani’s Theme”, there is a majestic romanticism so reminiscent of Barry.

The score has a number of different strings to its bow – in addition to the wonderful romantic view of the breathtaking landscapes, there is plenty of time for some dramatic action music, which frequently has a really stately air to it, a small brass section accompanied by stinging strings.  Miller also incorporates some delightful scherzos (scherzi?) and the kind of African vocal music at key moments which is so beloved by so many.  MovieScore Media has unearthed another gem in White Lion – a truly rewarding score which makes for one of 2011’s most satisfying releases so far.  If you’re in the mood for taking a chance on something unfamiliar, you could do far worse than make this score that chance.  ****

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  1. JBlough (Reply) on Saturday 30 April, 2011 at 17:59

    Great review + great samples = guaranteed purchase. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. David Ortiz (Reply) on Monday 2 May, 2011 at 16:32

    Thanks for the review! Just heard the samples at SaE, they’re great! I’m definitely gettin’ this one, thanks!

  3. Kevin Amoroso (Reply) on Sunday 10 July, 2011 at 17:24

    What I’ve failed to see in any reviews I’ve read thus far regarding this movie is the fact that it was produced by Kevin Richardson. Who is Kevin Richardson? Only the most amazing animal behaviorist/handler in the world – known as the “Lion Whisperer.” (look it up on You tube and prepare to be amazed.) He is also credited in this movie for being one of 2 principal lion handlers. And indeed he is too. A most amazing one at that. He runs the Kingdom of the White Lion preserve in South Africa. A review I read on IMDB said the movie was “a mismatch of a folktale and a National Geo documentary. NG could NEVER have gotten ANY of the sequences in this movie simply because they don’t have Kevin Richardson. Yes, the movie is slow. But I was still amazed at the sequences they were able to shoot!! simply amazing!!

    However, all being said, I have to agree with the “A Noble Failure” review (just found it as I was writing this) on IMDB. Continuity issues and pacing were definitely problems. But STILL worth a watch.